Meet our all-star lineup of industry experts and insiders

Get ready to explore ‘New Frontiers’ with HBX Group CEO, Nicolas Huss. Kickstarting the MarketHub, Nicolas will give meaning to this year’s theme, revealing a sneak peek of the week’s hottest topics and sharing his personal view on major shifts in the world of travel and technology.

Join National Geographic photographer, filmmaker, and writer Ami Vitale as she takes us on a journey, sharing powerful stories that drive change and inspire us all to push boundaries. As part of her keynote on how ‘Empathy Leads to Impact’, these uplifting narratives show us how hope and collective action are shaping a brighter future for our planet.

What does the term ‘New Frontiers’ mean to HBX Group?' In this insightful keynote, Chief Commercial Officer, Carlos Muñoz, will demonstrate the evolution of our brand, and will also deliver our news and views in this Group update.

Dr. Richie Karaburun is a Clinical Associate Professor at NYU. With over 20 years in the travel industry, he's an expert in growth strategies for travel companies, and has recently directed NYU’s Hospitality Innovation Hub Incubator Program. He will take to the stage to share his expertise in his keynote, ‘Navigating the Future: Implications of Emerging Technologies for Me and My Organization’.

As HBX Group’s VP North America, Lauren’s presence will be felt throughout the MarketHub: from the Americas Regional Update to an interactive Q&A session, expect her to share her thoughts and stand-out moments from what is certain to be an amazing event.

As the leader of the ForwardKeys' Intelligence & Marketing team, Olivier is one of the world’s most authoritative experts in travel research and destination marketing. He will cross-reference ForwardKeys’ considerable data with numerous other sources to identify new travel trends and forecast future travel patterns during his keynote, 'The Data Compass: Navigating the Way to Data-Driven Bookings'.

What do travel professionals have in common with astronauts? How about ingenuity, adaptability, and teamwork? Join NASA Mission Specialist, Jose Hernández, as he draws parallels between two industries which may not be worlds apart after all. His rousing keynote, 'The Final Frontier: Lessons from Astronaut Jose Hernandez', will cover teachings from space, and from his remarkable life here on earth.